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Pathway's Mission

To help every person believe in Christ, belong to a family, become a disciple, and build God's kingdom.

Believe - Faith initiates and strengthens our relationship with God. Weekend services at Pathway are primarily purposed to encourage and increase faith.

Belong - God created us to belong to Him and to His family. Pathway Groups connect us to one another.

Become - Discipleship is the pursuit of God's wholeness and purpose for our lives.  At Pathway, we aid this process through First Step, Equip, and Freedom Ministry.

Build - God has called every believer to be a minister, and there is a place for every person to help build the kingdom on Pathway's Dream Team.

Pathway’s Values

At the heart of Pathway are seven core values that guide all that we do.

1) Found people find people.

2) Saved people serve people.

3) We do life together.

4) Healthy things grow.

5) Free people free people.

6) We are stewards.

7) We take over the world.

Coming Up at Pathway

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Pathway Dream Team

Pathway Dream Team
Dream Team members make up the framework of Pathway, supporting its ministries and the people[...] Read More

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Saturday Service Time: 5:00pm
Sunday Service Times: 9:00am ⋅ 11:00am

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