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Lead a Group

Lead a Group

Leading a Lifegroup isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to belong. Leading a group is simple—choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. We give you essential tools to make your Lifegroup successful through Leadership Training and you can register your group so others can find it easily. We believe people’s lives are changed one semester at a time by taking their “Next Step” toward Christ, and as a Lifegroup leader you get to play an important role in that process.

If you have any questions or are interested in leading a Lifegroup, please email us at

The Commitment

Our Lifegroups have a Spring, Summer, and Fall semester. February through May in the Spring, June through August in the Summer, and September through December in the Fall. We ask that Lifegroup leaders commit to one full semester and to meet at least once a month.

Lifegroups Provide Three Things:

  1. A place to CONNECT.
    It is easy to feel alone in a crowd. Lifegroups are an open door into the life of our church family. When you are in a Lifegroup, you experience the love and strength of biblical community.
  2. A place to PROTECT.
    Imagine someone you can call when you’re discouraged, someone to pray with when you are doubting, and someone who can teach you more about what God is like. Imagine a loving community of people who notice when you are away; gently sharpen you when you need it, and who help you share your faith with others. Lifegroups are a place where you are protected and supported.
  3. A place to GROW.
    Lifegroups are a place you can be equipped to become more like Jesus and to live a faith-filled life. We believe that every person is created with God-given potential to make a difference in the world. Lifegroups are a place where there are like-minded people who believe in you. This is how leaders are developed. We want to see you grow, flourish, and become all that God has called you to be!

A Lifegroup Leader is:

  1. Passionate about God and people.
  2. A person of character and integrity.
  3. Committed to personal spiritual growth.
  4. Supportive of the vision and mission of the church.

Recruiting for your Lifegroup:

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