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God, Life & Pathway

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Do you love all things Pathway? Do you ever wish you could find out more about what really goes on behind the scenes? The God, Life & Pathway Podcast takes you inside our church to find out more about what really makes it tick. It’s like the bonus feature to your favorite feature film: There are no rules, no scripts, and no two podcasts will ever be the same.

You never know what you’ll get on the next episode of God, Life & Pathway. We’ll be fielding your questions, sharing our hearts, having a little fun, and maybe even bringing in some guest speakers from time to time. The God, Life & Pathway Podcast gives you a glimpse into ‘everything else’, whether it’s a day in the life of a Pathway staff member or a few minutes of extra encouragement in between services.

We hope the God, Life & Pathway Podcast provides you with new perspectives and brings you encouragement in the midst of your day-to-day life. God, Life & Pathway is easy-listening and short enough to enjoy on your lunch break. It’s everything you never knew you wanted and so much more.

Check out the God, Life & Pathway Podcast below and be sure to subscribe to gain access to future episodes. Tune in as often as you would like, and let us know if there is a topic you would like to hear about on a future broadcast. It’s just one more way we stay connected and do life together.

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Name Time Released
GETTING AND STAYING FREE 33 min May 11, 2017
BE A WISE MAN 23 min Dec 1, 2016
WHEN YOU'RE UNDER ATTACK 22 min Nov 1, 2016
THE DISH: LAND, REVIVE & RADIANT 20 min Sep 29, 2016
WELCOME TO GOD, LIFE & PATHWAY 21 min Sep 8, 2016
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